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About Moto X3M Games

Ride an off-road bike across insane tracks in Moto x3m! In this game you play as a stuntsman driving a light-weight sports bike, performing tricks and overcoming all sorts of obstacles. Control the character from a side-view perspective, accelerate, slow down and shift your weight around depending on your environment and reach the finish line without crashing too often.

Playing a Moto x3m game feels like a direct injection of nostalgia for anyone who has ever experienced the classic 2D gravity biker games back in the day. Just like before you need to press the Up Arrow key to increase speed, Down Arrow to hit the brakes, Left and Right to adjust your angle and rotate in mid-air. Despite its cartoonish look the game features realistic physics, so you need to take many things into account when performing tricks: your weight, speed, the terrain and other factors.

Moto x3m online saving feature allows you to close the game’s tab without losing your progress. Return when you are ready and continue where you left off without any penalties. The levels are pretty short, so you can clear several in one go to unlock more.

Every track is carefully designed to be challenging in unexpected ways. You will fly up into the skies, fall down into giant pits, experience bumps, twists and turns and even avoid dangerous traps engineered by the mad geniuses who were put in charge of creating the levels. Sometimes it will be necessary to go against your instincts and hit the brakes to see a certain sequence play out before your eyes – for example, you can end up in some kind of an elevator that will transport you to a lower level and then blow up to give you a welcome boost.

If you are a fan of driving games, bike trials and extreme sports but haven’t looked at Moto x3m play it as soon as you get a chance: this is one of the most entertaining simulators of its kind that will provide you with hours of entertainment!

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